I have an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology and am currently completing my Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D) degree.  I completed my undergraduate studies at UCLA, where I received a B.A. in Psychology.

Clinical Experience

I have provided individual psychotherapy, group therapy, and psychological testing to a diverse group of individuals of various backgrounds and ages. I co-facilitated weekly psychotherapy groups and led week-long workshops on topics such as body image, stress management, and self-care at the Institute for Girls’ Development.  I then trained at Fuller Psychological and Family Services, a community mental health facility, and provided short and long-term psychotherapy from a strengths-based, relational approach to adults, children, and families at Child and Family Guidance Center.  My clinical experiences also include volunteering at the Stuart House, a multidisciplinary treatment center at UCLA Santa Monica Hospital for children who have been sexually abused as well as working with veterans at the West Los Angeles VA. Currently at Las Encinas Hospital, I provide group and individual psychotherapy to individuals with severe mental illness as well as substance use disorders. I also conduct neuropsychological testing at the Huntington Medical Research Institute for a study focused on detecting early cognitive, behavioral, and biological markers of Alzheimer’s disease.   

It is my privilege to offer both short and long-term psychotherapy services as a psychological assistant (PSB 94023494) under the supervision of Timothy K. Wong, Ph.D. 


I have engaged in research focusing on the neurological effects of early-life adversity and the creation and implementation of effective mental health treatments and prevention efforts for people across the lifespan.  My work has spanned a number of psychology labs, including the Developmental Affective Neuroscience Lab, the Child F.I.R.S.T lab at UCLA, and Center for Mental Health in Schools. Currently, I am investigating the effects of mindfulness interventions on individuals’ social-emotional functioning.  Finally, my doctoral dissertation focuses on the use of mindfulness and emotion regulation techniques in clinical practice.

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