West Los Angeles and Santa Monica Therapist: Adult, Adolescent, and Couples Therapy

Psychotherapy can help you feel better while also increasing your understanding of the origin and function of symptoms.  Psychotherapy can be intimidating and involve hard work, but it has the potential for being rewarding, beneficial, and meaningful given the right match with a therapist!

I believe that much emotional pain stems from difficulties in developing or maintaining fulfilling relationships. Therefore, I examine one's relational dynamics, ways of relating, and impact on others. I openly explore clients' feelings toward me, encouraging individuals to experience authenticity with others, and ultimately, with themselves.

I specialize in working with individuals with a history of trauma. This work involves grieving what is lost, fostering interpersonal safety, and reclaiming one's life through reconnecting to that which gives one meaning. I am also passionate about the impact of culture and spirituality and how they shape the psyche.

I have offices in both West Los Angeles and Santa Monica. Many clients come from Hollywood, Silverlake, Beverly Hills, Westwood, Culver City, Venice, and the San Fernando Valley. Cost-effective, sliding scale services are available through an associate at my office. I provide counseling and psychotherapy to:

Please continue to explore my website to see if my background and experiences connect with you.  Feel free to contact me through phone (310-845-6720) or email ( with any questions or to see if we are a good fit.